Purchasing in the change of time –
The evolving role

Your employees move in the conflicting fields of procurement, purchasing or supply chain management. Digitalisation, market changes and heightened cost pressure are changing the tasks of purchasing in the complex procurement process.
Trendsetting approaches and the development of new competences are in demand. We will give your employees valuable tips on how to deal with the new understanding of their roles.

Exploiting profit potential with further training

Buyers are interfaces between their own company and the market. They act as strategic analysts, tacticians, and motivation researchers. Besides technical and methodological knowledge, adept negotiation skills are the key to achieving purchasing goals.
Negotiation psychology techniques form the basis of our training. Your buyers will improve their perception in negotiating situations. They will learn how to interpret the reactions of their counterparts correctly. They will train how to optimally adapt their discussion strategy and communication style to their dialogue partners. These negotiation skills are consolidated in practice-related exercises for a successful conclusion.

Target groups

  • Experienced buyers and managers who wish to develop their negotiating skills in difficult negotiations
  • Buyers, employees, (junior) managers with experience in negotiating who wish to further develop their skills
  • Newcomers to purchasing, buyers with practical experience who wish to acquire basic skills and develop them further
  • Employees from other areas who participate in negotiations and wish to acquire the basics for successful negotiation