Portal Services

Learning portals for your needs

Optimally designed learning media require a learning environment that provides the best possible support for learners. We offer learning portals which, thanks to their clear structure, are equally intuitive, well-structured, and clear for both the learner and the administrators. Learning management, i.e. organisation and administration, fades into the background and content is able to unfold to its full effect. Lengthy familiarisation with the new digital learning platform is no longer necessary. This allows learners to concentrate on learning and on developing their competences.
We provide you with everything from a single source. You obtain a clever learning portal and professional support in preparing your content for a comprehensive and successful learning result in your company.

A wide range of course design options – As individual as your requirements

Pure e-learning courses

Design e-learning courses for specific target groups and make them available to your employees. Each person determines his or her own learning pace. You have the possibility to include tests, quizzes and other interactive modules between content modules to boost the learners' attention. At the end of the course, each participant will receive a certificate for which you determine the completion requirements.

Blended Learning

Blended learning courses are a combination of e-learning formats and classroom events. You decide whether you wish to plan one or several classroom events. In the learning portal, you not only coordinate and manage the classroom training sessions, but also compile the e-learning units for the participants. These are just as individual and varied as pure e-learning courses.

Classroom training courses with supporting online elements

You can conduct your sessions offline and design them purely as classroom events. Our learning portal supports the training. Learning materials as well as tasks and exercises are made available in the learning portal for the participants' use.

Individual support according to need

In our learning portal, you book fixed-term courses for your employees, who are then given full access to the booked course via a link. After successfully completing all the learning modules, they are awarded a personal certificate.
You are planning to produce learning media or already have certain materials in use? However, are you looking for a way to outsource parts or all of the administration and associated time and effort? We will provide you with your own domain on our learning portal, which is designed in accordance with your company’s corporate identity. Your benefit: The organisation of your further training measures will be bundled and managed centrally. Your learning materials will be managed either by internal administrators or by our experts.
We will set up a learning portal for you based on your needs. This learning portal will be individually adapted to your corporate identity so that it reflects the look and feel of your company. Furthermore, we will implement the entire rights and role structure for you. In this manner, you will receive a fully operational learning platform that you can use instantly upon deployment. If desired, we can also integrate existing learning media.
You have already decided to make use of our infrastructure or to have your own learning platform set up by us? We will provide you with long-term support in the administrative management of your learning content. On the one hand, we will be responsible for inviting your employees and distributing the learning units. On the other hand, we will reliably evaluate the successful completion of modules.
You would like to introduce digital learning structures in your company or expand your existing structures? Together, we will determine your needs and thus determine your optimal course design. We will also be pleased to assist you with regard to didactics and the learning media to be employed.