Media Conception and Production

Support with the development of your learning environments

You are searching for fast and flexible learning environments for your company? We will advise and support you with the development of individual learning content in various learning formats. We take your individual needs as our guideline and are the right partner for the development of your training courses.

Suitable learning formats for
sustainable training

Companies need diverse learning content, for example tangible product training or abstract data protection topics. Within the framework of the didactic concept, it is important to select suitable learning formats. For a sustainable e-learning concept, the selection of the media format plays a decisive role. Not all training content can be optimally taught with all types of media. We will advise you on finding the right media format for your learning content.

The media production process


At the outset of the project, the focus of your learning content is conceptualised. The first framework conditions and your requirements are fixed in the initial draft concept.
Detailed concept and script writing
The solution approaches for the requirements in the draft concept are transferred into a detailed concept. This is the binding basis for the production of your company's learning module.
Content production
Following your approval of the script content, we start with the implementation for your e-learning format.
Test, evaluation and approval
Our quality management ensures the content and functions of the learning module. Upon final approval, the learning module is at your company’s disposal.

A selection of our media formats

  • Micro learning:
    Learning in small learning units and in short steps

  • Learning videos and explanatory films:
    Short films that convey the learning content

  • Software simulations:
    Software replications to explain their functions to customers and staff

  • Game-based training courses:
    Teaching content through a combination of knowledge transfer and computer or video games

  • Web-based trainings (WBTs):
    Learning programmes that are presented in a multimedia format and made available via the Internet

  • Mobile learning:
    Learning by means of mobile terminals, irrespective of place or time

  • 2D/3D animations:
    By creating and displaying individual images, a moving image is created for the viewer – also multidimensional

  • Virtual reality:
    Representation of an apparent reality and its physical properties in a computer-generated, interactive environment

Efficient Blended Learning
Effective combination of classroom and online training

Together with our experienced trainers and partners, we develop high-quality blended learning courses. In the learning chains, we combine modern digital communication and learning options: from simple information units, webinars and coaching sequences to interactive videos or even virtual reality sequences. Depending on the training objective, classroom phases round off the learning journey.
For our own brand IWP Digital , a sustainable and efficient training programme is created in the fields of leadership and sales, which is tailored to your needs and target groups.
Classroom seminar
Virtual classroom
Digital learning media

Innovative learning formats and trends

In the age of digitalisation and with an increasing interest in and need for digital learning content, the spirit of innovation is also on the rise in the field of learning media. New technologies make it possible to implement innovative learning formats. Companies thereby offer their employees new learning paths and unique learning experiences, making further training varied and sustainable.
One undeniable learning trend is virtual reality. Due to the visual learning experience in the virtual 3D world, contents are retained for longer. At the same time, the simulated learning environment offers the possibility to reproduce any situation without having to provide the otherwise necessary resources. In this way, even dangerous situations can be depicted without actually endangering the learner. Numerous possibilities also arise in the field of behavioural training. For instance, speaking in front of a large audience can be trained using virtual reality.
We have already gained extensive experience in the emotional and more comprehensible presentation of advisory and knowledge transfer processes. We developed the virtual advisory support V!EW for savings banks in cooperation with various partners, for example.
Would you like to use Virtual Reality in your company? Gladly! Contact us and together we will identify your individual requirements.