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Passion as a tool –
Our trainers

Following an impressive professional career, our trainers completed a multi-stage training programme at the Institut für Wirtschaftspädagogik. Their professional and didactic-methodical competence combined with a multi-award-winning concept lead to success. With this combination, conviction becomes motivation and duty becomes passion.
We are convinced that your employees and your company already possess the will to succeed. As a catalyst, we ensure that all existing potential is released.

Substantial know-how –
360 degrees e-learning expertise

Extensive knowledge of didactics is a basic prerequisite for the successful design of effective learning content. Working together with you, our experts will address the following questions:

  • What learning objectives are to be achieved and why?
  • What skills do the learners bring with them?
  • What content is to be conveyed?
  • Which methods and media are suitable?
  • How measure the learning process?

In addition to the planning of the learning content and the associated goals, the design of the learning materials also plays an essential role. Here, an attractive and activating design is important so that the learner remains motivated in the long term. Furthermore, a well thought-out and varied use of media raises attention levels.
The administration of learning content is a key hurdle for many companies in terms of e-learning. Numerous providers advertise extensive platforms with countless features and possibilities. Thanks to our many years of experience in establishing and continuously administering learning management systems, we know how learning structures are set up and further developed in the best possible way.
A project often emerges from an idea or vision, and this is accompanied by many questions. Here it pays to have an experienced partner at your side who can provide you with answers – needs-based, helpful and fair. Close cooperation is crucial in order to determine your exact needs and to develop suitable solutions. Our experts have already supervised a variety of projects, from the basic introduction of e-learning in companies to the deployment of individual media. We would be delighted to accompany you on your path towards digitalisation of your further training programme and to assist you with crucial questions.

Our team

Rainer H. Bielinski

Managing Partner IWP-Team | Member of the Executive Board IWP Factory | Trainer | Specialist Learning Concepts & Didactics

Dirk Janssen

Managing Partner IWP-Team | Trainer

Jens Wünderlich

CEO IWP Factory

Niklas Brand

Dual student media design

Nicholas Bryson


Harald P. Dörr


Jürgen Florinski


Julia Göttsche

Business Development | Marketing | Deputy Manager

Karl-Heinz Heblik


Harald W. Herrmann


Lena Juland

Assistance to the management IWP-Team

Manfred Kalbfleisch


Michael Knapp


Wilfried G. Kochannek


Andreas Kuhn


Antje Mennig

Senior E-Learning Development Specialist

Alexandra Neufeld

Instructional Designer

Jan Pieper

Sales Management

Ralf Post

Graphic Design | Special Media

Frank Roebruck


Dr. Nina Schimmel

Project management | Portals | Content

Haiko Schlund


Heike Schulte

Graphic Design | Content Production

Emma Strodthoff

Dual student media design

Warren P. Van Hasz


Ina Vogt

Assistance to the management IWP-Team

Klaus Weuffel