Project management

Social competence as a component of your project success

The demands placed on project managers are considerable. They have to realise complex projects with customers and various professional and hierarchical levels swiftly without losing the overview. Project managers act as interfaces and lead without having a superior position. Social competence plays a significant role alongside methodological skills.

Expanding competences –
convincing effectively

Our competence model for project management teaches appropriate techniques for expanding personal competences. We provide insights into systematic approaches, prioritisation, and time management. Your employees learn how to use leadership instruments and communication models. What they learn about behavioural competencies such as impact factors, language patterns, and goal-oriented dialogue techniques is then applied in practical simulations.

Target groups

  • Current project managers who wish to expand their methodological and personal qualities
  • Project managers who, without direct authority, wish to operate successfully in projects
  • Specialists and managers new to their role or who wish to prepare for it