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Modern Sales provides customers with real added value. It is focused on customer expectations and buying motives. Increase your sales success with a systematic sales model and insights from modern brain and behavioural research. The combination of our methods and modules makes learning easier for your team.


The demands on managers are complex. Leading employees successfully requires a high level of personal and social competence, as well as purposeful communication. The Magellan Principle is our training concept for experienced managers and junior managers. A manager’s tasks are clearly and accurately separated from the tools necessary to accomplish them. The Magellan Principle unites practical experience, successful leadership, and brain-friendly learning with the right learning strategy.

Employee health

Constant VDU work seriously impacts your eyes, because some muscles are overstrained. With our training for your eye muscles, you are prepared for screen work. Relaxation exercises for eyes, neck, and shoulders complement the fitness programme and maintain your health and ability to concentrate.