Successful presentations

Successful presentations

Perform convincingly, present confidently and capture the attention of the audience

Key details of this training course

This course focuses on the impact of language and body language. The aim of this course is to develop presentation skills. In this training course, participants learn how to boost their confidence and impact during their presentations, and optimise their personal performance together with our trainers.

Target group

  • Employees who wish to optimise their presentation skills
  • Presenters who wish to put the finishing touches to their presentations
  • All those who would like to perfect their charisma during presentations


approx. 10 hrs

Course formats

classroom training
blended learning

Contents in detail

  • Basics of human behaviour

  • Perceptual psychology

  • Impact criteria

  • Use and interpretation of body language

  • Creative use of language

  • Avoidable mistakes during a presentation

  • 11 important basic principles to increase your personal impact


Scope of the Course


Blended learning

approx. 7 hrs of digital self-learning units
2 x 60 minutes of virtual classroom
1 day of classroom training

Classroom training

2 days of classroom training