Professional Sales I

Professional Sales I

Psychological basic principles of human behaviour in communication during the sales process

Key details of this training course

The focus of this course is on human behaviour and, based on this, the structuring of partnership-based communication during the sales process. The participants receive a safe “navigation system” to keep track and maintain the lead during the sales conversation at all times.

Target group

All employees who wish to understand the psychological basic principles of human behaviour in communication in the sales process and use them for their own benefit.


approx. 20 hrs

Course formats

classroom training
blended learning

Contents in detail

  • Basics of Human Behaviour

  • Perceptual Psychology

  • Conscious and Subconscious Behaviour

  • The Four Phases of the Sales Process

  • The Role of the Salesperson

  • Impact Factory in Communication

  • Introduction to Dialogue Techniques


Scope of the Course


Blended learning

approx. 11 hrs of digital self-learning units
2 x 90 minutes of virtual classroom
1 day of classroom training

Classroom training

2 days of classroom training