Dr. Achim Schnitzler

Achim Schnitzler held leadership positions in the value-adding departments of R&D, manufacture/production, human resources, purchasing and sales. He has the all-around view of interests within organizations and between business partners.
Structures of corporate groups and SME are equally known to him. He actively pursued and pushed change management processes, focusing on continuous improvements. His constant view on the value and the sustainability for his clients gives distinction to all his action and his practice-oriented coaching and consulting.
He is successful in building bridges between his experiences, theory and the demand of his customers. Consistently he supports and challenges his trainees. His customers consider him a renowned practitioner and reliable business partner, who is able to set the decisive impulse and help professional teams to focus on their goals. Achim Schnitzler was born in the Ruhr valley in 1968 as the son of a pediatric nurse and a coal miner. Today he lives with his family in Dorsten and supports his customers from there.

Trainer profile

  • Trainer, coach and consultant with a focus on sales, purchasing, communication and leadership development
  • Management and executive-sessions for normative, strategic and operative business leadership
  • Partner in the Institut für Wirtschaftspädagogik

Education and experience

  • Academic Background in chemistry and business administration (MBA, sales & marketing)
  • Research and development (R&D), optimization of production processes
  • Management responsibility in fully continuous production processes (industrial)
  • Management responsibility for chemical laboratories
  • As CEO responsible for a trading & sales-company in the Benelux-area
  • Director Sales Europe in a listed company
  • As CEO responsible for, among others, purchasing and sales in a chemical trading company with a highly international focus
  • Lived and worked in England, Belgium and Netherlands (besides Germany)
  • Speaks besides German (mother tongue) English and Dutch fluently