Rainer H. Bielinski

The trainer and entrepreneur Rainer H. Bielinski, born in 1961, acquired his sales and management experience during the course of more than 20 years in a sales, management and entrepreneurial capacity. He has worked in various different large, international companies at home and abroad. Among other things, he managed the business division covering the regions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland of an international corporation; he was also responsible for vocational and advanced training measures. His work in reorganisation projects has made him completely familiar with coaching and team techniques.
Thanks to his many years of experience, participants benefit time and again from a particular closeness to practical reality in his seminars, in which basic principles are processed into working techniques that can immediately be put to practical use. This is something that participants in his training courses are full of praise for.
In his systematically arranged performance training courses, he confronts participants with real challenges and always makes sure that they are actively involved.As a result, the events he runs have something of an adventure character.
„We are convinced that the will to success already exists within your employees and in your company. As a catalyst, we ensure the release of all hidden potentials.“
His activity as a trainer extends to enterprises in the service, consumer goods and investment goods branches where top performance in sales and management is required and promoted.

Trainer profile

  • Sales, communication and management trainer
  • Proprietor of Institut für Wirtschaftspädagogik (IWP)
  • Managing partner of IWP-Team GmbH & Co. KG
  • Shareholder IWP Factory GmbH
  • Member of BDVT (Federal Association of Sales Promoters and Trainers)
  • Member of the Professional Association of Lecturers in Presentation Techniques, Speech Teachers and Speech Therapists

Education and experience

  • Studied mechanical engineering, graduating with an engineering degree
  • Studied economics, graduating with a degree in industrial engineering
  • Graduate of YORK Institute, Pennsylvania (USA)
  • Graduate of the IBM AIESEC Programme in Taiwan (Republic of China)
  • Suggestopaedic Fundamentals