Professional Sales II

Professional Sales II

Steering customer communication with the right strategy and technology

Key details of this training course

The positive effect of appreciative communication and structured guidance through all the phases of the sales process form the core of this course. Participants learn how to build a “bridge” from the product features to the customer benefits with a targeted needs analysis and a mature argumentation.

Target group

All employees who wish to optimise their customer-oriented benefit argumentation as a link between needs analysis and conclusion of a contract.


approx. 20 hrs

Course formats

classroom training
blended learning

Contents in detail

  • Recognition and appreciation

  • Conversation guide MONDIAL

  • Positive language patterns and their effect on communication

  • Customer-Oriented Benefit Argumentation

  • Dialogue techniques for the sales process


Scope of the course


Blended learning

approx. 11 hrs of digital self-learning units
2 x 90 minutes of virtual classroom
1 day of classroom training

Classroom training

2 days of classroom training