IWP on the Watchlist 2023 Sales Training


IWP on the Watchlist 2023 Sales Training

The American organisation Training Industry has included the Institut für Wirtschaftspädagogik on the international Watchlist 2023 Sales Training & Enablement. Inclusion on the Watchlist recognises providers with emerging and unique strengths in the field of sales training. The analysis and selection process takes into account the skills, experience and expertise of the providers, whereby the focus is on a unique selection of tools, topics and technologies that individually tailor and optimise the learning experience for participants.
The selection process for the Watchlist 2023 Sales Training is based on the following criteria:

  • range and quality of programmes and services offered,
  • visibility in the industry, innovation, and impact on the sales training market,
  • variety of clients and customers, and
  • company performance and growth.

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